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Transparent Pricing

We're committed to giving you fair, transparent pricing because we know what it's like to be kept in the dark--so we're laying it all out for you. This is how much our jewelry costs to produce and ship as of March 2020. 

Materials and Labour $21
Duties and Transport $3.60
Shipping to Customer $10
Total (True Cost) $34.60

Our Price: $73.14

Traditional Retailers’ Price: $115  


Keep in Mind:

We cost in $10 Shipping to Customer for every piece. We do this even in the event you’re paying for shipping i.e., if your order doesn’t qualify for free shipping, to create a baseline shipping cost so that it’s easier for us to price items. Note that we do take on a partial shipping cost even when you pay for shipping in order to provide you with a flat rate. 

Our Price of $73.14 is the average price of all the items in our collection as of March 2020. 

Traditional Retailers’ Price of $115 is an average based on an informed and educated market research project we undertook to understand how much jewelry is marked up. 

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