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Materials and Care


Our everyday jewelry is gold vermeil, which is a thick layer of 14k or 18k solid gold over 925 sterling silver. Not to be confused with gold plating, gold vermeil keeps its colour for much longer with the proper care. 

We only use freshwater pearls that are ethically harvested. 

As we grow, we hope to begin using recycled materials to create our jewelry. Got a lead for a recycled metal and precious stone supplier? Or an idea that will help us reduce our environmental footprint? Shoot us an email at

Jewelry Care

Here are a few tips to keep your jewelry looking good:

  • Take them off when applying anything to your skin, like sprays, perfumes or lotions.
  • Jewelry should also be taken off when showering, exercising and swimming.
  • Lightly buff your jewelry after each wear and tuck them into a closed jewelry box or an airtight container (a ziplock will do the trick). Keeping them away from light and moisture helps prevent tarnishing and oxidation.
  • Be gentle with your jewelry; sterling silver is malleable and can bend quite easily. If this happens, gently bend it back and you should be good to go. 

    Please note that over time, the layer of 14k or 18k yellow gold may wear off, revealing the sterling silver underneath. Get acquainted with your jewelry’s new look, or opt to get it replated at a jeweler. At this time, Buo does not offer replating services. 

    How long will it take for the yellow gold to wear off?

    This depends on lots of factors, like your skin’s pH, how often you wear your jewelry, and how you care for it. But treat your jewelry well and it should last you a good while. 

    Questions? Feel free to drop us a line at