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Our Story

Buo is a line of thoughtfully designed, well-made jewelry essentials that doesn't cost a fortune.

Our everyday jewelry is made with 14k and 18k gold layered over sterling silver and freshwater pearls--real materials that will be faithful to you, as long as you treat ‘em right. These are staples that you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again.

We’re a proud, woman-run company based in Vancouver, Canada that only produces in small, well-made quantities.

“Buo” means “whole” in Filipino, which is founder Jamie Ignacio’s native tongue. We believe that true beauty is feeling comfortable in your own skin, and we hope this jewelry empowers you to own your whole, beautiful self.


When it comes to production, we only work with jewelry craftspeople who can commit to ethical practices and honest materials. 


All our jewelry is gold vermeil, which is a thick layer of 14k or 18k solid gold over sterling silver. Our pearls are freshwater and harvested ethically. Learn more about the materials we use, and how to care for your jewelry.

Fair, Transparent Pricing

We're committed to giving you fair, transparent pricing because we know what it's like to be kept in the dark. Learn more.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our packaging is as minimal as possible, and has no single use plastic. Our hope is that you can continue to use our packaging to store your jewelry, or use it for other purposes.

As we grow, we hope to begin using recycled metals and precious stones to create our jewelry. Got a lead for a recycled metal and precious stone supplier? Or an idea that will help us reduce our environmental footprint? Shoot us an email at