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Canadian Jewelry Brands to Support During Covid-19

I started this list as a way to further strengthen the small business community in Canada amidst these trying times. As a new jewelry designer, I had plenty of ethical concerns about launching my brand in a climate in which many, many Canadians (including my family) have felt major impacts.

My decision to launch came when I joined an online gathering of women entrepreneurs coming together to support each other. This inspiring group urged me to launch as planned, offering kind words and acts of support. These heartfelt, genuine words and actions have made me realize that the spirit of camaraderie between small business owners is still very much alive and kicking. It inspired me not only to launch, but to create a list of Canadian jewelry designers to support during this trying time. I urge anyone reading this to expand the list by filling out the form below. 

"buo" means "whole" in Filipino, my native tongue. This list represents a coming together, a "whole-ness", of Canadian entrepreneurs and creatives building a community that will not be overcome by this setback. 

I want to say thank you to my fellow entrepreneurs who are struggling to keep their businesses running but are still offering support to others. Another big thank you goes to anyone out there using this list to support local businesses. Your support means everything to us right now, and I'm confident we'll come out of this strong and inspired.

Lastly, I would love it if you could peruse the buo collection, a line of thoughtfully designed, well-made jewelry essentials that I designed in Vancouver, BC.

xx Jamie

Brand (A-Z) Province Favourite Piece and Why Submitted By
Ali Munn British Columbia The Petite Cosmos ring is so beautiful. That pastel green sapphire is to die for. Jamie
Bella Buddha Beads Ontario The Pink Opal Stud earrings. I’ve always loved opals; they say you can see the universe in them.  Jamie (suggested by Jake and Jules Handmade)
Bo Beads Ontario Love all the accessories for kids--but my fave has to be the Kids Naptime necklace!
Jamie (suggested by One and Only-Fergus)
Buo Jewelry British Columbia My personal favourite is the asymmetric River Stone Studs. Jamie
Bridget Catchpole British Columbia The Petal Pink earrings are really pretty and wearable. Jamie (suggested by Heather Gunn)
Cashmere and Oak Ontario The Raw Citrine Studs; I love the golden colour of citrine. Jamie (suggested by Jake and Jules Handmade)
Charlie and Grey Nova Scotia The Classic Bar Stud because who doesn’t love minimal, everyday earrings? Jamie (suggested by Lizane Tan)
Christina P Ontario The Lindsay ring in gold. Super stackable but substantial enough to wear on its own.  Jamie (suggested by Jake and Jules Handmade)
Coral + Cloud British Columbia The Acorn necklaces (available in a few colours) are so darn cute! Jamie (suggested by Devon's Drawer)
Cuchara Ontario The Kinney hoops. I really like the statement these make, but the style is still really clean. Jamie
Curious Oddities Ontario The Raw Amethyst Crystal Stud earrings. I love the raw edges of the amethyst.  Jamie (suggested by Jake and Jules Handmade)
Devi Arts Collective
British Columbia
The Moon Over Water Necklace is simple enough for everyday, but unique enough to be noticed.  Jamie (suggested by Jessica Redditt Designs)
Eleventh House Ontario The Riley Hoops, because who doesn't love a simple, minimalist hoop earring? Jamie (suggested by Luna Collective)
Erica Leal British Columbia The Wray earrings, hands down. I love all of Erica Leal’s unique pieces but the colour and architecture of this piece is just beautiful. Jamie
British Columbia
They have a vintage ring selection--check it out and I'm sure you'll fall in love with something.  Jamie
Fab Accessories Ontario The Solid Earring threader. So, so good for everyday wear! Jamie (suggested by One and Only-Fergus)
Fervour’s Own Nova Scotia The Propeller earrings - you’ll know why they’re called that when you see them! Jamie (suggested by Ment Jewellery)
Finley Ontario The Carter Minimalist Chainlink earrings because I really like the organic, fluid shape. Jamie
Foe and Dear British Columbia The Evelyn ring because it makes me think of little snowflakes peppering the band.  Jamie
Franky Rose
British Columbia
The Flora studs are beautiful and so unique--lavender flowers pressed into clay.  Jamie
Früg Jewellery Ontario The Aalia Freshwater Pearl Necklace is a multi-strand beauty! Check it out. Jamie (suggested by Luna Collective)
Hart + Stone British Columbia I love the delicate chain on the Helix bracelet. Not too fine, but not too chunky either! Jamie
Hen + Bear Ontario The Acua necklace because we love teeny tiny layering pieces! Jamie (suggested by One and Only-Fergus)
Hex Metals & Minerals
British Columbia
The Bow Earrings (brass and quartz) are something special.  Jamie (suggested by Emily Lightly)
Holland Lane
All their tassel earrings--super bright and eye-catching.
Jamie (suggested by One and Only-Fergus)
Julie Bessette Quebec The Therese bracelet. Loving the striking green stones.
Jamie (suggested by One and Only-Fergus)
K Claire M Studio Nova Scotia The Wishing Stone Silhouette earrings for their airy elegance. Jamie (suggested by Lizane Tan)
Kara Yoo British Columbia The Delphina necklace because of the imperfectness of the freshwater pearls.  Jamie
Knot You Knot Me Ontario The Chunky Crochet Knot necklace--everyone will be asking where you got it!
Jamie (suggested by One and Only-Fergus)
L’ecru British Columbia The Hazel earrings for the elegant ivory and gold colour combo! Jamie
Laughing Sparrow Alberta The Constellation necklaces; they’re just beautiful and remind me that we are all made of stars.  Jamie
Laurie Fleming Ontario The Asrai Garden ring. Wow. Just, wow. I’ve never seen a ring like this before. I’m so in love! Jamie
Lavender and Grace British Columbia The Mini Locket necklace because it’s a modern take on a classic. Jamie
Leah Alexandra British Columbia The Baby Baroque necklace. I’m obsessed with pearls! Jamie
Leah Yard Designs
British Columbia
The Glamour Bar bracelet is super minimal and great for everyday.  Jamie (suggested by Jessica Redditt Designs)
Lobolupa Jewelry
British Columbia
Their Pearl Necklaces are both raw and refined.  Jamie (suggested by Luna Collective)
Lover’s Tempo British Columbia The Laurel Climber earrings because they’re so delicate and feminine. Jamie
Made by Marmalade Ontario You can build your own jewelry on their website, from necklaces to bracelets!
Jamie (suggested by One and Only-Fergus)
Mellow Moon Jewelry
British Columbia
The Daydream statement earrings are made of recycled silver and are super eye-catching. Jamie (suggested by Luna Collective)
Ment Nova Scotia The Saturne Hoops because they’re so bold and feminine. Jamie (suggested by Lizane Tan)
Milaya Designs British Columbia The Turquoise Seal ring is very cool; part of their vintage collection! Jamie (suggested by Maxine Bulloch)
Mint and Birch British Columbia The Birth Flower bar necklace. All the florals are drawn so beautifully.  Jamie
British Columbia
The Half Circle Hair Pin can be a beautiful and unexpected accessory. Jamie (suggested by Luna Collective)
Modern Love Ontario Check out their custom engagement rings, they’re breathtaking. Jamie (suggested by Christina Perris)
Nakiit Ontario The Crescent with Acrylic earrings; the mix of materials makes for a really cool look. Jamie (suggested by Jessica Stuart)
NG Nicole Gagnon Ontario The Ebony Drop earrings because the black and the gold colour combo is so striking. Jamie (suggested by One and Only-Fergus)
Noon British Columbia The Biggest Bubble ring. I love a good chunky ring and this one makes such a statement. Jamie
Oh Hello Bug Ontario All the Rifle Paper Co necklaces are so pretty. Take your pick! Jamie (suggested by One and Only-Fergus)
Ok Fine British Columbia The Bonita Signet ring. I love signet rings and the rose carved on this one is just gorgeous! Jamie
Pyrrha British Columbia Any of the Goddess Talismans because they serve as a daily reminder of the inner goddess in all of us. Jamie
Rauw Jewelry
British Columbia
The Forged by the Ocean bracelet has an organic shape and is so beautiful. Jamie (suggested by Luna Collective)
Everything in the Wildflowers collection; inspired by "summertime walks through fields of flowers and tall grass". Enough said. Jamie (suggested by Jessica Redditt Designs)
Sarah Mulder British Columbia The Solange earrings in gold. Statement yet simple enough to wear everyday! Jamie
Seed and Stone Nova Scotia The Dipper Creek earrings in turquoise are so lovely and make such a nice statement. Jamie (suggested by Karen Barnes)
Shantiques Mini Creations Ontario The Essential Oil bracelets because it’s such a fun way to wear oils! Jamie (suggested by One and Only-Fergus)
The Sterling Violet Ontario The Textured Hammered Midi Ring. So easy to stack! Jamie (suggested by One and Only-Fergus)
Three Peas Design Co. Ontario The Hydrangea necklace for the muted, pastel colour combo.  Jamie
Torixo  Nova Scotia The Biot Dangly earrings. I’m usually a fan of yellow gold but the silver works so well with this style.  Jamie (suggested by Ment Jewellery)
True Curated Designs British Columbia The Yellow Sapphire Baguette huggies feel so luxurious but are still really wearable for everyday. Jamie (suggested by Tori Alexandra)
Wasted Effort Quebec The Petal Earrings in Teal Speckle. Loving the lucite! Jamie (suggested by Heather Gunn)
Well Dunn Quebec The Boulay ring because it’s so minimal but the little dot at the centre still makes it distinctive.  Jamie
Wolf Circus British Columbia The Estelle bracelet. Can you tell I love pearls? I love the imperfectness of freshwater pearls. Jamie


*Business owners/jewelry designers are more than welcome to add their own brand to the list!

*We’ll do a quick check that the brand submitted is indeed based in Canada, after which you’ll be able to see it on the list! This process should take a couple days. Questions? Email us at

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